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The Celtic Cross Press

07 Dec 2020
Poetry published by The Celtic Cross Press: a catalogue of private press publications.

Grosvenor Prints Catalogue 100

02 Dec 2020
A special catalogue of over two hundred prints

Home is Where the Heart is

01 Dec 2020
A short catalogue of 16 books on Homes and Interiors

Present Delivery

01 Dec 2020
Our seasonal catalogue for December 2020, with books and prints for one and all.

Autumn Leaves

01 Dec 2020
EBC e-catalogue 31.

Special List 394: Firsts Online, London's Rare Book Fair Highlights

27 Nov 2020
20 Highlights from Firsts Online, London's Rare Book Fair, with full-color illustrations

Robertshaw Catalogue 154

27 Nov 2020
English & continental antiquarian books with books on travel and art and architecture. 211 items.


25 Nov 2020
juvenile books, education, entertainment and edification

Catalogue 122 - New Acquisitions

24 Nov 2020
Newly acquired stock in the subjects of natural history, botany and gardening.

Special List 393: Fourteen Recent Acquisitions

23 Nov 2020
Fourteen recent acquisitions, with full-color illustrations