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Photo London 2019

Photo London 2019, the annual international fixture at London’s Somerset House saw ABA member Lindsey Stewart and Joanna Skeels of Stewart & Skeels display a fine range of works.

Newly founded this year, as private dealers based in London and Scotland, they specialise in 19th and early 20th century photographs and photographically illustrated books. Mainly focusing on the work of British photographers, their works on display at Photo London reveal that from the earliest days of photography, colour was an important element, whether through the addition of hand-applied pigments or the use of processes that were not the familiar brown tones of albumen prints.

The photo here shows on the right work by Jeannette Krute (1919-2009) who was a trailblazer, among other things helping to develop the Dye-Transfer Process for Eastman-Kodak and for women to work in the photography industry.

It was fascinating to see a selection of Mike Seaborne’s limited edition prints. In 1986 he began a long-term urban landscape project recording de-industrialisation, changing patterns of land use and new city infrastructures in London. Using medium and large-format cameras to carefully reveal the minutiae of his subjects, Seaborne has produced a powerful body of work on London, showing many locations that are now unrecognizable. Although now embracing both colour and digital technology, his work has obvious links with that of earlier photographers.

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