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What Wilde really wanted to do with Dorian Gray


SP Books of Paris recently published a new limited-edition, comprising 1000 copies.  The Picture of Dorian Gray: Manuscript reproduces the author’s original handwritten script and offers fascinating insights into Wilde’s personal battle with how much homoerotic content he should include.


When Wilde’s only novel was first published in Lippincott’s Magazine in 1890 it had already been heavily censored by editor J M Stoddart. Yet, this now highly regarded Gothic novel still received considerable backlash from Wilde’s contemporaries, leading to the text having to be completely revised ahead of the second publication the following year.  SP Books’ edition demonstrates the dangerous position Wilde was placed in as a result of the strict censorship laws of his time, and his struggles with his own identity.

The original manuscript is housed in The Morgan Library and Museum in New York, however copies can be purchased from Heywood Hill Bookshop, Mayfair or at https://www.spbooks.com/en/.


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