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Situation Wanted - Rebekah Cron


Experienced History of the Book MA and Philosophy BA graduate seeking full-time work within the antiquarian book industry. 

My interest in manuscripts and rare books stems from my grandfather, himself an avid collector of rare books and illuminated manuscripts. For the last five years, I have been developing my knowledge and experience of the antiquarian book trade through a number of sources, including internships and courses, culminating in an MA which was completed in September 2016. 

During my Philosophy degree in 2012, I spent two months interning at Bernard Quaritch. During this time, I was able to experience first hand the skills needed for working in the antiquarian business. I was taught basic cataloguing and terminology through the cataloguing system Pro Finder, as well as having the opportunity to bid at Christie’s and Sotheby’s. I was given the task of cataloguing a newly-acquired collection of economic and political texts, as well as editing and providing headlines for a Philosophy catalogue, which was published in the winter of 2012. I am happy to provide copies of the two catalogues I produced during this time at interview. 

In 2014 I attended the London Palaeography School, undertaking courses including Medieval Manuscript Painting, Early Modern English Palaeography and Provenance Studies. The latter, taught by Peter Kidd, was of particular interest to me, and encouraged me to undertake an MA at the University of London from 2015 to 2016. 

During my MA, I attended evening Latin courses at UCL, and undertook masterclasses in Bibliography. During the year, I spent time researching and writing on a wide variety of subjects, including the Vinland Map Controversy, Anthropodermic Bibliopegy, pigmentation in 8th century manuscripts and printing developments in music incunables in 15th century Italy. My dissertation focused on British book collectors in the 20th century, and the relationship between my grandfather, Brian Sawyer Cron, Sir Sydney Cockerell and Eric Millar, as well as a discussion of how the practice of book collecting seems to have changed at the end of the 20th century. I graduated in December 2016. 

From May to September 2016, I interned at Robert Frew Ltd. I assisted Mr Frew at his South Kensington Shop, as well as the Olympia Rare Book fair, and developed my knowledge of cataloguing using Bookseller. My primary research during this time focused on Albertus Seba, and Cabinets of Curiosity in 18th Century Amsterdam. I was able to produce a catalogue of Seba’s engravings, a copy of which I would also be very pleased to provide at interview . 

I am keen to put my interest in this field, along with the experience I have acquired so far, into practice within the Antiquarian Book sector, specifically within London or South East England. I welcome any further questions, so please feel free to contact me using the details below:

Rebekah Cron
Email address: rumcron@gmail.com
Phone number: 07984338983