Books not Books

Books not Books
A permanent reminder of the exhibition curated by Edward Bayntun-Coward of George Bayntun for the ABA’s London Antiquarian Book Fair at Olympia in June 2013.  The articles below show some offbeat examples – both books which look like something else – and something else which looks like a book.

Please let us have some more examples of Books Not Books ...
Bench at an Istanbul Tram-Stop     

One of several different book-benches at tram-stops in Istanbul
Courtesy of Angus O'Neill (Omega Bookshop)
Lost and Found - John Pearson

A binding by John Pearson on Lost and Found - one real book and two “fakes” or props
Courtesy of Edward Bayntun-Coward 
The Tin     

A biscuit, or toffee, tin, ca.1900, designed to resemble an English “Restoration” binding of ca.1690
Courtesy of Edward Bayntun-Coward
Lovers’ Song Book - Jenni Grey

The Lovers Song Book, bound by Jenni Grey as if it were a corset
Courtesy of Edward Bayntun-Coward
Teeth of the Tiger

Tom Clancy’s The Teeth of the Tiger, reassembled, with the pages folded (but not cut) by a craftswoman in Mumbai
Courtesy of Edward Bayntun-Coward
Tables for Measuring - Peter Jones
Hoppuss Tables for Measuring, ca.1880, recently rebound by Peter Jones using his old school ruler and pencil case 
Courtesy of Edward Bayntun-Coward
A Handbag!    

A handbag! 
Courtesy of Clive Farahar
A Teapot - Tony Carter     
A kitsch china miniature ‘book-shelf’ teapot by Tony Carter, ca. 2000
Courtesy of Ash Rare Books 
And a Bookshop not a Bookshop 

China bookshop money-box, ca. 1975. Although the Jon Ash business is and was real (nowadays Ash Rare Books), the premises have never looked remotely like this
Courtesy of Ash Rare Books