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ABA Past Presidents 1980-1990

Hylton Bayntun-Coward (1980-1982)

Hylton Henry Bayntun-Coward (1932-2000) of George Bayntun in Bath was ABA president in 1980-1982 and again in 1992-1993.

Keith Fletcher (1982-1984)

Keith Fletcher of H. M. Fletcher served as president of the ABA in 1982-1984, following in the footsteps of his father, W. R. 'Bill' Fletcher, president in 1961-1962.

Clare Perkins (1984-1986)

Clare Perkins served as the sixty-first (and third woman) president of the ABA in 1984-1986.
Senga Grant (1986-1988)

Senga Grant served as ABA president in 1986-1988, forming with Ian R. Grant the first husband-and-wife team both to serve as presidents.
Robert Vaughan (1988-1990)

Robert Vaughan served as ABA president in 1988-1990.
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